Discover the tranquility of Claremont within this expansive 18-hectare estate, where the natural beauty of rolling hills and a captivating valley sets the stage. A charming 2-bedroom structure provides a cozy retreat, seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Ensuring both practicality and environmental consciousness, a dedicated borehole secures a reliable water source. The vast expanse of land offers endless possibilities whether for agriculture, leisure, or the creation of a dream residence.

Each morning unfolds a breathtaking spectacle as the sun bathes the valley in a golden palette. This property isn't just a dwelling; it's a daily celebration of nature's wonders. Despite its tranquil rural setting, Claremont's conveniences are within easy reach, offering a harmonious fusion of countryside charm and modern accessibility.

This property extends an invitation to embrace a lifestyle where the boundaries between home and nature gracefully blur.

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Main Features

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  • 1 Borehole
  • 18Ha

Other Features