Welcome to our spacious factory/warehouse with two floors! The ground floor features three staff bathrooms, a big office that can be used as a boardroom or shared office space, five offices, and three utility rooms. The first floor boasts five additional offices and a mezzanine. With a total built area of approximately 1500 square meters, this warehouse is perfect for businesses that require ample space for their operations. The property is equipped with a sturdy structure and a well-designed layout that maximizes the use of space. The large windows on both floors provide plenty of natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment. This property is ideal for businesses looking for a spacious and functional warehouse that can accommodate their growing needs. Other Amenities on the warehouse incude a 15kva invertor system and a borehall.

This property is available for rent and is perfect for businesses that require a large space for their operations. The ground floor can be used as a retail shop or for other commercial purposes. With its prime location and ample space, this property is a great investment opportunity.

Main Features

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  • 1,800Sqm

Other Features

2 Storeys
10 Offices/Studies
1400 Floor Size
Water Tanks
Landscaped Garden